Eduplay Boxes

We do activity boxes for:

  • Spend Effortless quality time with your child and build timeless memories together. 

  • Enough activities with clear instructions for a whole month's worth experiences! 

  • Age appropriate activities designed to target your child's developmental goal. 

  • Going Green, without the clutter! The entire box (and its contents) get used, so no extra clutter

What is inside the

Eduplay Activity Boxes?

1. Fine Motor Skills:
Draw, string, cut and paste! These activities focus on your child's hands and fingers!


2. Gross Motor Skills:
Roll, sit, crawl, run and jump! These activities help with your child's muscle development, which leads to better brain development.


3. Music & Speech:
 Words to traditional and original songs as well as rhymes to help with your child's rhythm and musical development, which in turn helps with speech development.

4. Sensory Play:

Activities to help stimulate your child's senses! Easy recipes, with all the ingredients already measured! And advice on how to contain the mess!


5. Crafts & Art: 

Fold, paint, stick and cut! Art supplies for art projects that will become your child’s favourite toys!