Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is inside Eduplay Activity Box:

  • Eduplay activity box is a monthly subscription box full of age appropriate play-based learning activities.

  • Each age group is specifically designed and adapted to suit your child’s age and developmental stage.

  • We offer:

5months-12months (Baby Box)

1 – 2 years

2 – 4 years

4 – 6 years

Eduplay box supplies you with everything you need to stimulate your child!


2. How much is a eduplay box?:

  • You can choose between a monthly subscription or a once off gift box.


Monthly subscription: $49.95

Once-Off box: $54.95


3. how do i subscribe to eduplay box?:
 You can place your order on the website. There you choose the age of your child and follow the easy steps to finalize your payment.

4. Will my child be able to do these activities?:

Each box activities are specially selected and tested on the specific age group and customized according to their abilities. The instruction booklet explains the activities easily with step-by-step full colour photographs.


5. When do I receive my eduplay box after ordering it?: 

The Eduplay boxes are packed and shipped in cycles.

Shipment takes place from 10-15th of every month. Orders places after the 1st falls in the next month’s shipping cycle.

6. How do I pay for my Eduplay box?: 

By using your credit card.

7. How do I cancel my subscription?: 

You can cancel your order by just emailing us and to ensure you are not billed for that cycle, please cancel by 30th of the month..​

8. Can I buy as a gift?: 

Of course. Just go to the shop page and choose mystery box or once off box if it falls in the cycle.

9.I’ve got more than one child in the same age range?: 

No problem. Just choose add a sibling in the shop page. Everything your little one will fight over is doubled! Only one of each sensory mix per box..

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